Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Coordinator (Counsellor) at Pasadena High School supports students, parents and carers throughout their time as part of the school community. Student wellbeing is a significant priority and the school is committed to nurturing effective partnerships between students, staff and carers.


The Wellbeing Coordinator provides an ongoing counselling service by:

  • managing the enrolment and leaving process

  • following up issues of concern that are raised by students, parents, carers, staff and other members of the school community

  • working with the leadership team to develop a supportive and inclusive school environment where students feel safe and free from bullying and harassment

  • providing information and facilitating access to available support services

  • negotiating Individual Learning Plans for a range of students including Aboriginal students

  • advocating on behalf of students when the need arises

  • promoting communication between staff, students, families and community agencies

  • coordinating the Pathways to Success and Citizenship curriculum to ensure that there is developmental progression and a balance of appropriate topics such as personal development, goal setting, time management, study skills and relationships

  • assisting with support and planning for a range of post school options

  • establishing community partnerships with organisations that provide community based education to support individuals and groups

  • working with staff to develop programs that enhance student learning and wellbeing

  • coordinating the Student Representative Council (SRC) and promoting authentic student voice in the school

  • coordinating alternative programs such as Flexible Learning Options (FLO).

The Student Wellbeing Coordinator (Counsellor) addresses the social and emotional wellbeing of students by implementing proactive strategies to inform, educate and empower young people to take responsibility for their emotional, social and physical health.





Pasadena High School supports students with special needs and their learning with intervention and support that is provided in classes as negotiated by the team of student, parents and teachers.

Literacy and Numeracy Support

Literacy and Numeracy testing occurs in years 8-10 through Progressive Achievement Test (PAT). The data obtained from these tests is used to identify individual student strengths and needs and their learning program is enhanced.

Students on a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP)

Students eligible for an NEP receive specific support as negotiated with the team of parents, teachers and students. In-class support is provided across the curriculum depending on student needs.

English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)

Students eligible for EALD support receive in class support as determined by their literacy levels. Staff are trained to support these students within mainstream classes.

Additional Outside Programs

Programs are available outside the school. These can include programs tailored to specific student needs. They include Daws Road Centre programs and vocational courses offered through the Inner South Curriculum Alliance schools.



Heads of Churches

Schools Ministry Group

The Schools Ministry Group (SMG) was set up by the Heads of Churches to oversee and support Christian Ministry in Government schools.  The Group consists of representatives from all the major Christian Churches and Para Church organisations.  SMG is responsible for developing policy, giving pastoral and resource support to over 300 Pastoral Care Workers, (PCWs) liaising with schools and churches about programs and organising ‘In Service’ training for PCWs in South Australia.

A PCW has special skills for working in partnership with students, staff, parents and local church communities.  The PCW is jointly accountable to the local churches through Colonel Light Gardens and District Inter-Church Council (ICC) and the Education Department, through the school Principal.


  • Is available to students as a listener, friend and pastoral support
  • Works in co-operation with the Leadership Team
  • Provides support for families in time of need
  • Promote and support Christian Option seminars with the local ICC
  • Is a support, resource and referral person for teachers
  • Plans events and activities to support school programs
  • Works with others in the community to develop and advertise services, programs and strategies that meet the needs of young people living in the area

The PCW is available as a support person for the school community.  As a resource person they have contact with people in various ways, e.g. support for “Pathways to Success”, Student Representative Council (SRC), lunchtime activities and other programs.

PCWs are employed by SMG (Schools Ministry Group) through the Federal Government’s National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program with the support of the Colonel Light Gardens and District Inter-Church Council.


PCW are not in the school to evangelise on behalf of a particular faith group.  They respect the secular character of the government school.  The PCW is primarily a service of pastoral care, available to students and staff who want it.  PCWs are of course, as entitled as anyone else to speak of their personal beliefs when asked by students in voluntary situations, yet the initiative rests with the inquirer and they are there to support not instruct.  A PCW’s primary clients are students and staff; however they are available to families and the wider school community.

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