Bell Times

School begins at 8.30am and finishes at 3.00pm.  The bell rings at 8.27am for students to go to their first lesson.  Students who arrive late are first to report to Student Services, sign in and have a late slip placed in their diary. This slip must be shown to their subject teacher before entry into the lesson.


Bell Time Lesson Time  
8.30am 8.30am Care Group
8.45am 8.45am Lesson 1
9.30am 9.30am Lesson 2
10.15am 10.15am Lesson 3
11.00am 11.00am Recess
11.20am 11.20am Lesson 4
12.05pm 12.05pm Lesson 5
12.50pm 12.50pm Lesson 6
1.35pm 1.35pm Dismissal

Tuesday to Friday

Bell Time Lesson Time  
8.30am 8.30am Care Group
8.40am 8.40am Lesson 1
  9.20am Lesson 2
10.00am 10.00am Lesson 3
10.40am 10.40am Recess
11.00am 11.00am Lesson 4
11.40am 11.40am Lesson 5
  12.20pm Lesson 6
1.00pm 1.00pm Lunch
1.40pm 1.40pm Lesson 7
  2.20pm Lesson 8
3.00pm 3.00pm Dismissal


Supervision of the school grounds is from 8.15am to 3.15pm.  Students should not be in the school grounds outside of these hours because adequate supervision cannot be provided.  Organised sports practices and matches, and other planned school activities will normally have additional supervision.

Wet/cold weather – three sirens - students may remain in designated areas, under supervision

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