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The Ice Factor program is the only High School ice hockey program in Australia! Young people learning to play the coolest and fastest team game on earth! (and much much more!)

New students are trained to skate in a special four week program and then trained to play ice hockey each week in a two hour program. The program includes life skills, team building and leadership training.

The South Australian Ice Sports Federation acknowledges the funding received from the State Government of South Australia through the BeActive program for the Ice Factor program.

“Factor Focus” is the foundation of the “learning program” associated with the sport.

Factor Focus teaches, develops and incorporates life skills learnt through sport. Each term Character skills, Teamwork, Leadership, Team Identity lessons are taught before going on the ice to apply and train. Teams are taught how to form, develop and grow together to become strong teams, to set and aim for team goals and individual goals together.

We are always in team, whether that is in a family, classroom, a sports team or in the workplace. So learning teamwork has everything to do with life.

TEAMWORK starts when you think “we” instead of me”.

Pasadena High School is very fortunate to have Paul Howlett who supports students involved in the program. The program is open to selected students across the whole school.


Pasadena Predators - Ice Factor 2017 Term 4

The predators have had a very positive term and a number of new students have tried out for the team. Our numbers currently sit at thirteen and we have four students from the Unit. Atalya and Elias have been with us for about a year their improvement can be linked to their enjoyment of being involved in a team and improved skating skills. James and Jay have come on board this year and are showing improvement already.

This is Ambrose’s last year in the team and we wish him well in the future. One of our new mainstream students, Mick has joined us this term and he has been made to feel welcome by Kosta, Riley, Dane and the rest of the team.

A number of the students are playing in a Sunday competition with the aim to possibly play state Ice hockey. We have Elias, Dane, Ambrose and Riley participating in this competition. We are gearing up over the next three weeks for our final Tournament for the year. As always we expect to go deep into the finals.

Students have had the opportunity to gain their own skates by writing a one page letter to the sponsors. So far we have had 5 students receive their own skates. The students greatly appreciate that through hard work and persistence their goals can be achieved.

Thank you to the school leadership for allowing us to have a different learning environment by going off site each week to learn our skills and to bring team work and learning back to school. There are numerous people who support us each week and we thank you. Stephen Cates, our mentor through the Ice Factor, gives the students another avenue of learning. I work very closely with Stephen and we both have very high expectations of our students and are helping to prepare them for a bright future.

Paul Howlett - Team Manager


Pasadena Predators win Ice Factor Cup for 2016

Congratulations to the Pasadena Predators Ice Factor team on another outstanding performance.

It’s great to see that trophy ‘home’ again.

Thanks to Paul and Steve for your ongoing support of the team.

Well done team


Pasadena Predators - Ice Factor 2016 Term 2

It has been a very interesting term with four new players coming into our squad. We welcomed Cheyann A, Lily M, Sam W, and Jamie N.

The term has been busy getting ready for the Ice Factor Spectacular held at the Hilton International Hotel on 16 September. We learnt how to walk on the cat walk for this event. The students embraced the different training that this required. Jakki Causby, one of the school’s talented SSOs, put together a dance routine to uptown funk for the night at the Hilton. The students did a fantastic job, thank you Jakki. In the lead up week, the students went to their respective sponsors to be fitted for the clothes they were going to wear on the night.  The big day arrived and the students put in a massive 12 hour day, rehearsing in readiness for the big night. The students represented our school with the best possible attitude and they did an excellent job as models and performers. Lily was asked to perform and sing and what a performance she gave.  We have some very talented students at Pasadena High School. What a great night it was for all the students participating. We are waiting on a DVD of the Spectacular to be released by the organisers of the event.

On Monday 19 September, we fronted up as a great team representing the school as the Pasadena Predators for the term tournament. The new students fitted in very well even though some found skating at speed and staying upright a bit of a challenge.

It was another great term of Ice Factor for our students. I’d like to thank the school’s Pastoral Care Worker, Julian Feldstein for a great job helping the students throughout the term as my off sider.  Also thanks must go to David Moore for taking some great photos and helping on the day.

Paul Howlett - Team Manager


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