Pasadena offers a personalised learning program based upon Australian Curriculum and SACE (depending upon the student year level).

Each student has a learning program designed to meet his or her specific needs (Negotiated Education Plan – NEP.)

The NEP is a plan that documents curriculum access, participation and achievement for learners. The plan is used for students with disabilities and students with learning difficulties needing specific provisions. Learners will generally be working at significantly different levels from their age peers.

The NEP provides a summary of ability, performance and ongoing provision. The plan is negotiated and updated at least once a year or more regularly if the student’s needs dictate. Parents play an active role in the negotiation process.



Students at the Pasadena Unit benefit from an educational model and curriculum with the support of a strongly committed school. We achieve this by providing appropriate resources, special education staff and opportunities to learn and grow. The model provides flexibility, enabling students to develop the necessary skills to become productive, integrated members of our community.

Students can enrol into the Pasadena Unit from year 8. The process for enrolment is by referral through the Special Option placement procedure.



  • Provision of a modified middle school Australian Curriculum encompassing all areas of learning excluding LOTE
  • Delivery of an appropriate modified SACE Curriculum for senior students
  • Education in a mainstream setting with support of special education staff and small classes
  • Access to resources available in the high school
  • Participation in programs available in a high school
  • Role modelling of mainstream students
  • Development of the necessary life skills to become productive, integrated members of our community and society
  • Access to appropriate support services, including Daws Road Centre and the Statewide Disability Transition Project
  • A Transition Pathway for senior students allowing them to access service providers in the community that may assist students into a viable post-school option
  • Enhanced student and parent/carer awareness of community resources, support services and agencies available for support
  • Development of self-esteem in our students by providing guided opportunities for developing student voice, leadership skills, achievement and success.



Students enrolled at the Pasadena Unit comply with the uniform code set out by Pasadena High School Governing Council.



Student fees are payable to Pasadena High School.

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