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Pasadena Middle School provides a safe, secure and enriching environment for Year 8 and 9 students.  At Pasadena High School teaching and learning are underpinned by the values held by Pasadena High School.

These values are:

Core Values Achieved through
Respect Displaying social responsibility
Relationships Strengthening relationships with peers, school staff, home and the community
Excellence Striving for personal best
Creativity Engaging in learning, seeking knowledge and solving problems
Citizenship Respecting human rights by being a humanitarian citizen of the school, community, Australia and the world



Students at year 8 and 9 experience a range of set subjects so that they are able to make meaningful subject choices in future years. The Australian Curriculum frames high quality teaching and learning at Pasadena High School.

We recognise that students have preferred and different styles and rates of learning. At Pasadena we have strategies and structures to identify and meet the diverse learning needs of students. These strategies include:

  • individualised programs for students via student and teacher negotiation
  • assessment and monitoring of students against the set standards and criteria
  • specific social skills program – Pathways to Success - a Life Skills program.



Positive relationships are developed by a structured personal development program, ‘Pathways to Success’, incorporating topics such as harassment, bullying, assertiveness, team skills, goal setting and time management. This program is conducted with the focus on empowering individuals and developing positive relationships.

School uniform is required and enforced, not only for safety reasons but to show pride and respect for the school.



Middle school students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning through:

  • effective use of the school diary
  • following the values of the school
  • responding to feedback as provided.

Students have responsibilities to the wider community:

  • theme days occur throughout the year (eg. Pancake Tuesday, Harmony Day to recognise and celebrate the school’s cultural diversity and raise awareness of community groups)
  • visiting performers and speakers raise awareness of other cultures and world issues.

Students take on the responsibilities of being a good team member, through:

  • extensive involvement in the school sports program
  • involvement in extra-curricula activities (eg. Science and Maths Competitions, SRC Leadership and MAD Night)
  • Arts projects and exhibitions.

Students have many opportunities to practise respectful and responsible relationships with a variety of people and groups.

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